Support Network recognises the importance to provide individually planned support in your own home. With the appropriate care in place people can continue to live independently in a familiar safe environment with your family and friends.

We work together with you and your family to help to identify the right support for you and your loved ones. By providing home care support and making small adaptations to help with mobility or equipment, we help you to live independently in your home.

We offer a bespoke support service to cater for all the client’s needs, which includes devising a complete ‘Client Care Plan’ that takes in to account what the client needs are to ensure a healthy wellbeing; this often includes tasks, responding to post/correspondence, helping keep finances in order, preparing food, food shopping, social outings, liaising with outside agencies involved in the care and wellbeing of the client, such as residential managers, client neighbours and friends, colleagues, hearing community when out in the community, local authority, occupational therapist, doctors, dentist, hairdresser, social services, service providers such as electricity, leisure centre staff, hospital staff, booking transport are just a few.

Support Network works together with you and your family to make decisions and create a care package. This process ensures that your opinions and wishes are adhered to, making your support specific to your individual and personal wellbeing needs.

We are particularly proud of the specialism we have in supporting profoundly deaf individuals and people with mental ill health. Many of our clients are native deaf BSL users and face communication barriers on a daily basis and more often than not face discrimination when trying to access goods and services. By linking both the Health and Social Care aspect with trained native BSL users mean that our clients’ needs are fully understood and addressed by the Care Plans we put in place.

We also have the ability to care for a range of clients groups with complex needs and we select wellbeing care workers with the appropriate skills and experience to fulfil individual’s preferences and needs.

We have the ability to care for a range of clients groups and we select home care workers with the appropriate skills and experience to fulfill individual’s preferences and needs.



I am the mum of a profoundly deaf, 26 year old son, Josh, who also has Aspergers.  Josh has just about managed to hang onto a part time job but it’s been an uphill struggle over the last two years, as has trying to get him on the right benefits. 

On the verge of giving up and the company he works for making noises about having to let him go we came across Support Network.  Not only are they very professional and thorough in getting things done, they’re really lovely too!!  I can’t thank the staff enough for the work they have done to literally transform Josh’s working life, and also educated his work colleagues to understanding his ways. 

As a knock on effect, his home life has improved as he is no longer frustrated and upset about going to work.  No doubt life will throw more obstacles his way but knowing Support Network is just a phone call away gives me much more hope for an easier future.


I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude for the outstanding work you and your team have performed at HMP Manchester.

As a parent with a hearing impaired child I am aware of the challenges for both those with impairments and those who support them. Although I have only known your team for a short time I have already seen how supportive, pro-active and determined they are with our employee.

I would be most grateful if you could pass on my gratitude to your staff for their considerable efforts throughout their time at Manchester.

Testimonial from a family member

I have been truly moved by the level of care and support that Support Network given to my deaf sister. The team took on the role of support worker for my sister this year. My sister who is profoundly deaf became very ill and was admitted to hospital in May 2012. The following three years were extremely difficult and at times my sister felt very isolated due to her hearing disability. My sister had not only become unwell but during the course of her three years in hospital lost her home, her marriage and basically every bit of independence she had previously enjoyed in life. Finally, three years later, after being discharged from hospital and trying to gain her independence again, she was able to move into a new apartment and was fortunate enough to be placed under the care of Support Network .

At present my sister needs this support to help her cope with every day activities such as shopping and hospital appointments etc and with such care she will hopefully be able to rebuild her life and gain back her dignity.

Support Network  not only provides the vital services and support that my sister needs, the team go above and beyond what is expected of them. We now see my sister smiling and happy and growing in confidence day by day thanks to Support Network team.

Support Network carries out all the usual support such as accompanying my sister to doctors appointments, hospital appointments and shopping for her weekly food, but in doing so they always ‘goes that extra mile’. Nothing is too much trouble and we know we can contact the team at any time of the day and she will be only too happy to help. This gives us such peace of mind knowing how unwell my sister has been over the past three years. The team speaks with the family daily and keeps us up to date with my sister’s progress, she has even set up skype so we can see and communicate with my sister through Support Network staff as the interpreter. This provides an invaluable link for my sister as the family are based some distance away from where she lives. We are delighted to have this contact which is only due to the team’s kindness in setting this up and interpreting for us during these calls. We know that after 3 years of my sister being in hospital and finally now having a chance to rebuild her life, that we could not wish for a better people than Support Network to help her achieve this.

Support Network goes above and beyond what is expected of her. We are able to contact them at any time and we know they are always there to help in any way. They goes out of her way to give my sister a better quality of life, not only in the care she provides in daily tasks but by the extra acts of kindness and dedication they shows and providing her with the company and friendship she needs. They treat my sister with dignity and respect in allowing her to make choices and decisions in her every day life whilst assisting her in every way possible to achieve these aims and goals.

I can’t imagine the frustration my sister has felt over the years in being unable to communicate properly with so many people, but now Support Network provides that communication with her through the team’s outstanding sign language skills. Support Network  has come into my sister’s world at a time in her life when she needs this support in order to regain her life. Now my sister knows she can communicate and express her thoughts and feelings to the team (through signing) knowing she has been totally understood. Sadly my sister has to soon face the prospect of dialysis and a possible kidney transplant, and whilst this will be a difficult time for her and the family to cope with, we are fortunate to know that the team will be there to help and support her in every way possible to get through what will undoubtedly be a difficult journey, not only by taking her for hospital appointments but in providing support in her truly dedicated manner.


Support Network recognises the importance to work alongside employers to ensure that individual employee’s needs are met, making reasonable adjustments if required, resulting in increased productivity, raised morale and staff retention.

We have experience of creating bespoke packages of support that are designed to support deaf and disabled individuals to fulfil their job role. We have a team of specialised in work support advisors who visit employers and employees to work together to build support that meets individual preferences and requirements.

Working on their behalf, the advisors can access funding to provide this service free of charge.

We also provide mentoring and coaching training for organisations to build skills, raise morale and encourage teams to work together.

We are particularly proud of the specialism we have in supporting profoundly deaf individuals and people with mental ill health.


Daniel’s Journey

Daniel is profoundly deaf and uses British Sign Language as his first language. Despite attending college courses he had never worked in paid employment.

He found that due to his deafness faced additional barriers to gaining opportunities to gain employment.

Support Network worked in partnership with the Disability Employment Advisor at his local Job Centre in providing 1:1 interpreting support which enabled him to access an 8 week work placement. This placement will provide Daniel with an opportunity to update his CV as well as provide a recent reference to support with job applications.

Daniel is now developing his skills during this work placement and has been offered the opportunity of paid employment if he continues to work hard throughout. Support network  will continue to provide in work support to Daniel and his employer to support with the transition into paid employment.


Liam’s Journey

Liam is profoundly deaf and uses British Sign Language as his first language. He was unable to find employment for several years, despite having completed college and worked previously.

He found that due to his deafness he faced additional barriers to gaining opportunities to gain employment.

Support Network worked in partnership with the Disability Employment Advisor at his local Job Centre in providing 1:1 interpreting support which enabled him to access a 3 week training course which lead to the possibility of paid employment and a guaranteed interview with a Housing Association.

Liam has now successfully gained a full time position and is delighted to be working and utilising his skills again. To ensure that this position is sustained, Support Network will continue to provide in work support to Liam and his employer.

Support Network  have supported myself as a Manager greatly over the past 8 years . Not only do they assist with work matters they also enable our team to communicate fully my colleague and ensure that she feels part of the group.

Support Network also arranged Deaf Awareness training with their sister company School of Sign Langauge to give us an insight into the challenges deaf people face on a daily basis. Those that attended said they enjoyed the experience as information was delivered in a fun and interactive way.

Support Network visit us daily and are now regarded as part of the team, always helpful and friendly regardless of whether facing a formal or informal situation.

We don’t require a set time as a rule, we know that one of the staff will arrive during the working day- and they always do, but they are always willing to juggle other commitments to attend a scheduled meeting when required.


Coaching and mentoring can provide an array of benefits for organisations of all sizes, especially small businesses. When conducted in an efficient and productive manner, coaching and mentoring provides employees a way to connect, learn and grow within the company, which will ultimately improve quality and service.

With over 30 years experience of working within this field predominately with the NHS, I am aware of the importance of confidentiality, protocol, policy and procedures. Over the past months I have worked within your organisation and believe that I have built a positive rapport that will enable me to work on behalf of the management team with an impartial professional manner. This service will support the organsaition to support & value staff, develop skills, improve teamwork, move the team forward and progress and evidence the quality of your service.

Package of support can be delivered on-site 1 day per week.  This will enable a regular continuation of support, which will enable staff to be seen on a regular basis as well as management book in appointments on behalf of staff, residents and family members. Within this time scale I will also work with staff to build wellbeing activities for residents and continually work to develop best practice, increase productivity and expand the level of care and service, which will maintain workplace and residents wellbeing.